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13. October 2023 - single release

glj 046 Club des Belugas & Iain Mackenzie - Your Eyes (Big Band Mix) low-res.jpg

September 2023


Wow, we're a little bit proud.
Our song "What is Jazz (feat. Dean Bowman)" is the trailer song of the movie "Jazzfieber". The documentary tells how jazz came to Germany and how it has spread to the present day.
Theatrical release is September 7, 2023

coming on 09. June 2023 - single release

12. May 2023 - single release

Club des Belugas & Maya Fadeeva - Catching Summertime (low-res).jpg

21. April 2023 - single release

Club des Belugas & Maya Fadeeva - Chega de Saudade - gold (low-res).jpg

31. March 2023 - single release

glj 042 - Club des Belugas - Khaki (artwork low-res).jpg

24. February 2023 - single release

Club des Belugas - Hustle Bump (low-res).jpg

23. December 2022 - single release

glj 040 - Club des Belugas & Iain Mackenzie - Happy Together (low-res).jpg

19. November 2022

FANTASTIC - 2 of our songs recently hit 10 million streams on Spotify ...and the 3rd song is well on the way there...       THANKS TO THE AUDIENCE!

Spotify screenshot 07-11-2022 - low-res.jpg

24. September 2022

Our song "Quicker with the Trigger (feat. anna.luca)"

has been placed in the US TV-series "Charmed"


05. August 2022 - video clip release

Club des Belugas & Maya Fadeeva - Sing As One

glj 033 - CdB 12 - Cover Square - low-re

17. September 2021

Club des Belugas 12th studio album "How To Avoid Difficult Situations" will be released physically & digitally on 17. September 2021


With guest singers Anna.Luca, Anne Schnell, Iain Mackenzie, Lene Riebau and Maya Fadeeva

17. September 2021


physical & digital release of this fantastic studio album from the Club des Belugas band:




Actually, they just wanted to show their boss Maxim Illion (founder and band leader of Club des Belugas) how to play real jazz ...

Under the direction of saxophone player Karlos Boes, who wrote and produced all tracks, the musicians of the Club des Belugas live band recorded a terrific instrumental jazz studio album in the bebop & swing style of the 50s & 60s.

The other side of "Club des Belugas" !!!

glj 032 - Karlos Boes Quartet - All in One - digital Square (low-res).jpg

December 29, 2020

On December 29th, 2020, the JPF Music Awards, which are awarded roughly every 10 years, were presented.

Club des Belugas is the winner in 2 categories:

- "Best Vocal Jazz Album" for "Fishing for Zebras"

- "Best Cabaret Song" for "Bittersweet (feat. Lene Riebau)"


- 2nd place in category "Best Modern Pop/Rock Song"        

   for: "Weapon of Voice (feat. Veronika Harcsa)"

- 3rd place in the category "Best Vocal Jazz Song"

   for: "The Lady was to Blame (feat. Lene Riebau)"

According to the JPF agency, the JPF Awards are the largest independent music awards in the USA

0002 JPF Awards.jpg
0001 JPF Awards.jpg

May, 2020

Our track "A Men's Scene" is part of the soundtrack

of the Italian film "The Arch", which has been introduced at the Berlin International Film Festival - BERLINALE 2020 and will be in the cinemas by the end of this year

The Arch - Film.jpg

January, 2020

We just licensed our song "Straight to Memphis" (feat. Brenda Boykin) to TikTok for their new advertising campaign.

August 2018

CLUB DES BELUGAS song "Hip Hip Chin Chin" has just been licensed to "Dancing With the Stars" Cycle 27, USA, commencing September 24, 2018


- July 2017 -


Club des Belugas song "Hip Hip Chin Chin" will be performed in Jennifer Lopez Show "World of Dance"

Airdate: July 04, 2017

- April 17, 2017 -


2 tracks from Club des Belugas have been licensed to the movie "Po Prostu Przyjaźń" (Poland 2017)

- January 13, 2017 -

"Stella McCartney" just licensed Club des Belugas' track "It Don't Mean A Thing" to present her Autumn 2017 collection.

With guests including Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Maggie Gyllenhaal and a surprise performance by Alicia Keys

- December 16, 2016 -

2 tracks from our artist "Club des Belugas" are used in the Mexican TV series “Su Nombre Era Dolores”, which will be aired in 2017

watch the trailer

- December 14, 2016 -

we just licensed the track "Desire" from our artist

Jojo Effect for the movie "Take my nose, please"

directed by Joan Kron 

  • Genre : Drama

  • Runtime : 1:57:25 minutes

  • Release : Dec 14, 2016

  • Countries : United States Of America

  • Languages : English

  • Production : Dreamwork

- August 28, 2016 -

Club des Belugas feat. Anna-Luca have placed 2 tracks - "Glorious Beach Living" and "The Road is Lonesome" - in the movie "KIDS IN LOVE" starring Cara Delevingne and Will Poulter.
(the 2 tracks at the beginning of the trailer)

- October 18th, 2015 -


Our track "Ein  kleines Wackeln mit dem Po", from the album "Jojo Effect - Ordinary Madness", was used in the

TV series HOMELAND, season 5 / episode 3, which has been aired Sunday, October 18th 2015, on FOX/Showtime




         feat. Anna-Luca



         feat. Anna-Luca 



         CdB instrumental set (dr, perc, bass, git, keys, sax)

         plus trumpet performed by Thomas Siffling


         For booking requests please send an email to:

Club des Belugas is one of the leading Nujazz bands in Europe, perhaps in the world. They combine contemporary European Electro, Lounge & Nujazz Styles with Brazilian Beats, Swing and American Black Soul of the fifties, sixties and seventies using their unique creativity and intensity.


Since 2002 they released 12 studio albums, a 2CD live album, a live DVD, 22 singles, 1 EP and a 2 CD album BEST OF 2002 - 2022



2003  number 1 of the German Club Charts with the single “Hip Hip Chin Chin”.


Many number 1 chart positions for the albums "SWOP", "Forward" and "Fishing for Zebras" on Amazon's Triphop charts and Traditional Jazz charts. Obviously wrong genre classifications from Amazon, but nice to mention though :)


JPF Awards 2020 / USA largest independent music award

"Fishing For Zebras" as "Best Vocal Jazz Album"

"Bittersweet" as "Best Cabaret Song" (same album)



- Spanish Jazz Awards 2010 in 2 categories: “best live act” and “Zoo Zizaro” as “best jazz album"



Between June & September 2007 Club des Belugas performed 89 concerts in China.

Since then Club des Belugas performed more than 320 concerts all over the world, mainly on international  jazz festivals, but also in jazz clubs, electro clubs and on private and corporate events.



You can find our music on more than 1.900 physical CD compilations and mor than 400 digital compilations


TV ADVERTS: TikTok, Samsung, LG Electronics, Victoria's Secret, McDonalds USA, Nivea, Whiskas, Miyake Perfume, Woolworth, KIA Motors, Honda

......and many more


TV-SERIES & SHOWS: Homeland, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Charmed, Revenge, SYTYCD USA, Oprah Winfrey Show, Dancing With The Stars...... and many more


MOVIES: Jazzfieber (Germany 2023), Escape from Terre (France 2022), The Arch (Italy 2020), Faith Hope & Love (USA 2019), Vorotnichok (Russia 2017), Po Prostu Przyjaźń (Poland 2017), Take My Nose Please (USA 2017), Kids in Love (UK, 2016), Ressac (Canada 2013), Paris à Tout Prix (France 2013), Keep Surfing (Germany 2009)

more information on


AUDIOGRAPHICS was founded in 2002.

All of Club des Belugas' studio albums have been produced in our extremely comfortable recording studio.

Sorry guys, our studio is not available for rent.

We are producing only our own artists Club des Belugas, Maya Fadeeva, Alice Francis, Brenda Boykin,

Iain Mackenzie, Kitty the Bill, Maxim Illion and Jojo Effect.

Our recording studio in Germany

Our recording studio in the South of France

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